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Classified Listings:

Agriculture  (3) Automobile  (13)
Automotive spare part  (3) Bearings and Bearing Assemblies  (1)
C I Casting  (5) Caster, Caster Wheels, Heavy and Light Duty Casters and Rollers  (1)
Casting  (5) Clutches, Bell Housings and Clutch Assemblies  (2)
Compressors and Allied Equipment  (3) Copper and Brass  (3)
Cutting Tools and Related Items  (1) Die Casting, Sand Casting, Investment Casting and Other Castings  (3)
Diesel Engine  (4) Electric Components, Fittings and Spares  (1)
Electric Motors, Components and Accessories  (1) Engineering Components  (9)
Ferro Alloys, Zinc Alloys, Copper Alloys, Metal and Other Alloys  (2) Forging  (1)
Forgings, Metal Forgings and Die Forgings and Forged Components  (1) Hand Pump  (1)
Hand Tools and Equipments  (3) Industrial Gloves, Clothing and related items  (2)
Kerosene wick Stove and Home Appliances  (1) Kitchenware  (3)
Lathe  (2) Lathe Machine  (1)
Lathe Machine Tools  (1) Machine Tools and Machine Tool Accessories  (2)
Miscellaneous Industrial and Engineering Goods and Supplies  (2) Pipe Fittings and Tube Fittings  (1)
Pumps and Pumping Equipment  (9) Reverse Osmosis System  (1)
S G Iron  (1) Safety Equipment and Safety Systems  (1)
Sheet Metal Machinery  (1) Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Products  (1)
Valves and Valve Fittings  (4)  


Engineering Expo

Rajkot Engineering Association is a non-government organization, representing the largest number of industrial units in the region with membership strength of plus 1200 industrial units.  The Association is accredited with ISO 9001:2008.

The Association dates back to its pre-independence origin of ‘Rajkot Manufactures Association’ and ‘Rajkot Industrial Organization’ which were functioning since 1943. These two organizations amalgamated in the year 1963 and renamed as ‘Rajkot engineering Association’.

The objective of Rajkot Engineering Association is to extend help to its members for the promotion & development of manufacturing activities. The supplies on ‘No Profit No Loss’ basis, the raw material like Pig Iron, Metcoke and Auxiliary products etc. to its members at quite competitive rates.

The Association provides a platform for interaction between industrial units and Central & State Government department/agencies and plays conducive role for the redressal of individual & policy level problems/difficulties of the industry.

Rajkot Engineering Association also arranges Open House Meetings, Seminars, Workshop, and Training etc. to enlighten the member units of the latest development in relevant technology and making them aware of the help and facilities available to them from various government agencies.  The Association also provides information and  purchase tenders floated by various Government /Semi Government and big industrial house of the country and outside, through its Sub-Contracting Exchange-courtesy.  In order to organize all these activities, the Association is having team of professional on its roll and run a well-established office with latest gadgets.

The Association is affiliated to various apex bodies like Confederation of Indian Industry, Federation of association of Small Industries of India, Indian Diesel Engine Manufacturers Association, Gujarat Chambers of Commerce & Industry, and The Institute of Indian Foundrymen etc.  The association holds representation in almost all consultative/advisory committee of Central/State Government departments, its Agencies, local self Government organization and NGOs thereby making efforts to amicably resolve the difficulties and grievances of its member units.

The Association publishes a monthly Bulletin since 1977 providing detailed statistics and reliable information on foreign and domestic industrial fronts. The association also publishes a Members’ Directory's annually...