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Rajkot Engineering Testing and Research Centre

  • TERI and SIDBI identified and established energy saving pump, electric motor and Foundry clusters at Rajkot 4 years back.
  • Initial all expenses were financed by TERI & SIDBI to get this project realistic.
  •  DPR was prepared by GITCO.
  • The members of REA contributed an amt. of Rs.80.21 Lacs.
  • Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, New Delhi, approved this project and  sanctioned  Rs. 382.48 Lacs Grant in aid from Govt. of India, Rs. 245.40 Lacs Grant in aid from Govt. of Gujarat. 
  • The legal identity of the CFC is  RAJKOT ENGINEERING TESTING & RESEARCH CENTRE , a company u/s. 25A,
  • The construction of the Bldg. has started in May 2014 and likely to be completed in December 2014 .
  • This CFC will be full fledged laboratory accredited by NABL.
  • This energy saving pump & electric motor CFC is 1st of its kind in the country by way of testing bed.
  • The CFC will be beneficial to all pumps, electric motor manufacturers of this region which will save the timings, money, and help to produce quality products.